Founded in 1987, Melnick, Lilienfeld & Castonguay, LLC, provide a wide range of business and personal accounting, tax and consulting services throughout South Florida and beyond from our office in Aventura, Florida. We represent people across the country in their state and federal tax filing.

It’s no accident that the majority of our clients have been with us for many years. Their complete satisfaction is our overriding goal. We keep clients satisfied by really getting to know them and their needs, by crafting imaginative solutions, by working around the clock if urgent situations demand, and by pro-actively anticipating needs and ways to provide comfort.

Our services range from tax, business and real estate consulting to estate planning and corporate and individual planning. A particular strength is IRS representation and resolving tax-related disputes. We also take advantage of the latest technological advances to help you further enhance efficiency and profitability. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional client service with a personal touch. By treating each client as a family member, we have engendered trust among a roster of over a thousand corporate and individual clients.

We’ve represented orthopedic surgeons, dentists and dental practices; lawyers and law firms; real estate professionals, mortgage companies, condominium associations. Our diverse client roster includes jet charter services, metal building distributors, a distributor of fresh fish and a wire distributor. Our extensive wealth, building and preservation practice concentrates its efforts on the elderly who have accumulated money during their working and business careers.

Change, growth and evolution require an active role. Our consulting services will enable you to act, plan, coordinate, mediate, anticipate and comply. We will help you grow through the 21st Century. People do not plan to fail, they usually fail to plan. We’re planning for tomorrow … today!

The Melnick, Lilienfeld & Castonguay, LLC’s way is to analyze your business operation, identify your goals and help you determine the best way to accomplish those goals. We are part of your team, working to help build your company and improve your bottom line. And, if we cost you a thin dime we’re not worth the price! Indeed, many of our clients have realized many times our fee by the implementation of our recommendations. By now, you’ve probably realized that we think there’s more to being your accountant than preparing a financial statement or filing a tax return. So give us a call and let’s sit down and talk, because we think “The more you know, the more you’ll know that our firm is the CPA firm for you.

Our firm’s tax practice group provides experienced advice on all aspects of tax and estate planning. You need and must have the most current, cutting edge advice from professionals who know. Co-hosting a radio talk show and conducting current tax seminars emphasize that we take an active role in leading, getting out in front and staying out there to assist you and acting, not just reacting. We’ll help you plan for tomorrow, today. We can assist. Who should you trust to help you grow, conserve, protect and transfer your valuable assets.

Large enough to provide you with a wide range of specialized services, but small enough to know your business on a personal level. You’ll receive the involvement and personal attention of one or more of our principals, people who have gained hands on business experience by running companies and being on the front lines. We understand your problems because we’ve experienced them first hand. You will also benefit from the collective expertise and depth of knowledge of our staff of skilled and dedicated professionals, who are anxious to respond to your needs and help you and your organization realize your goals, stay on track or get back on track. Our clientele encompasses a wide range of businesses and individuals who value our expertise in tax and estate planning, and especially problem solving. We don’t wait for things to happen, we work with you to make them happen.

We want to be your IRS problem resolution partner. We can assist you to manage any IRS issue. The problem exists, you ignore it, it will not go away. We can become your voice to reduce, finance, and manage the situation. We wear the “white hats” while you continue your work, or run your business, and sleep at night.

As your accountants and business consultants, we don’t wait for things to happen, we work with you to make them happen. Our innovative, entrepreneurial approach enables us to think like a business person and mesh that perspective with our in-depth technical knowledge in order to arrive at results oriented solutions to your problems.

To make you feel safe and secure, we take the time to truly understand your present position and specific goals. Then we fashion financial solutions that are synergistic with your plans. We also eagerly stay abreast of new trends and strategies, and help decrypt the tax laws in ways that work to your advantage.

With this kind of results-oriented, personal approach to analyzing business operations and taxes, we develop solutions that best meet your personal needs. Many of our clients enjoy geometric returns on their investment in Melnick, Lilienfeld & Castonguay, LLC’s services and solutions.

Take the next step, let us help you achieve your goals of safety and financial security.